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Record blog!

Join little athletics its the best! INCLUDES- High jump, Discus, shot put, 200m, 800m, 1500m, 60m hurdles, 70m, long jump, 400m and javelin (13yrs).

My record is 1.10 cm! Came 3rd out of 59 kids!!!!!!!

and hurdles i came first in.

Im bad at discus got 10.41cm

shot put- 3.10cm

7th in 400m

4th last 800m

Long jump- ----------

70m- 3rd

200m- 3rd

1500-   ----------

javelin- ----------

tell me if you have beat any of my records in my comments and maybe i will put on my record blog that i will have every week!

Records include- sport records, funny records, holding breath records, not blinking records and stuff like that so please comment!

PS- Try to beat 3mins with out blinking! thats my record!


Writer's Block: Desert island

List three books that have changed your life:
Well thats a hard one because i just started reading alot.

Books: Twilight, Andy grithns and probably ingo!

Read ingo its the best book ever!

Writer's Block: And the forecast is…

What’s your favorite kind of weather?
Hmm I would love winter if it was snowing but because my birthdays in spring i would have to say spring!

Guys please add me as a friend! READ MY JOURNAL ENTRIES. 
Hi guys I'm back! This is a little story of mine that i  made myself hope you like it     (its a small kid book)
Gloss was a fluffy teddy bear in a zoo. He was a very lazy teddy bear that doesn't walk or move or eat or drink!  One day the gates opened and crowds of people were flooding into the zoo. As always no one ever visited gloss, he was to boring! Suddenly a small girl came up to gloss and tapped on the glass. Why was she interested in me? Gloss thought  Why aren't they watched my friends juggle or do tricks. Gloss dosen't move a muscle, of course he doesn't want to. The little girl smiles again and repeats tapping on the glass, then frowns and walks away, but no one no's what gloss does in the morning he just doesn't like sharing. 
The next day gloss does his stretching in the morning as he does everyday, how else does he keep fit? Suddenly the door opens and people flooded in from every angle. The thing was that gloss wasn't finished his stretchers so he had to keep going. Then another little girl came up to the glass. "His moving!" The girl yells. "His moving!". Floods of people crowded round gloss, taking pictures and video's. Gloss smiled and posed for the camera. He liked it! 
That night gloss crawled over to his friends the dogs next to him, there was a little hole in the wall so they could talk. "Hey dogs, was I good today?"gloss asked scratching his neck. " Of course! Your a star!" The dogs said together. Gloss waddled over to todays newspaper that read "Bear finally moved!". Then he strolled over to the snakes and tapped on the wall. "Hey, Am I a star snakes?" Gloss asked. " Of course! Your better than us!" The snakes replied. Gloss smiled and sat down in the grass. So from that day on gloss kept moving and sooner or later he had his own bear show! And thats the story of the lazy bear!
Hi I'm here and this is my blog! Is this boring? PLEASE READ ON! Trust me its not boring!
1. Try to lick your elbow
2.Try not to think about fuzzy purple monkeys
3.Start a jounal, write down your feeling and memeries!
4.Watch Tv
5. Get pictures of your family and cut and rearange them into a wacky person!
6. Create nicknames for you and your friends! eg Jasmine- J-bone  Zahli- ZAPOW! katie- Kateco
7. Redesign your bedroom
8.pretend you are death and don't talk for a whole day.
9. Rip the heads of your barbie dolls.
10. Draw!
12. Play a game called crazy taxi! Try to beat my level (12) Thats your mission! ( search it on google)
13. Play dead
14. Read a just stupid book by Andy Grithan
15. Pretend your julia gillard and make a speech that wants to make people throw eggs at you
16. Try to guess what your are going to dream about tonight
17.Have a nerf gun battle! (Its so fun with 4 people)
18. Play poker or ping pong
19.Try to disguise yourself, go outside without being seen knock on your door and pretend your interviewing people for your blog!
20. Make a list of what you want to do before you die!
Hope you liked my list! If you didn't please tell me!
Regards Logan



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